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Environmental Protection

We are continually expanding our knowledge of the environmental compatibility from our products old and new and from this we continually make the necessary improvements.

We develop our new products already in the early stages of design and testing to incorporate the properties needed for the continued protection of people and the environment.

The recycling capability of our product helps to conserve the handling of raw material resources.

The environmental guidelines are written together in our technical manual TM 167 and distributed to all our employees.

Technical Manual TM 167 from 6.6.2000

Environmental protection starts in the head of the individual. We are role models for new employees. Therefore we have developed, from our years of experience, 14 rules of conduct that should motivate our employees in achieving our environmental goals. The-Klein-Environmental-Commandments.

We want to move forwards and not just with our products.

Together we can practically obtain our environmental goals. For this reason we encourage intensive and direct dialogue.


Further education and information
Extensive and factual information, constant training and regular further training increases our environmental awareness.


Questions that are asked will be answered openly and honestly. We take care that our suppliers are as diligent regarding the environment as ourselves.


Safety and environmental protection
The safety of our processes and environment protection of facilities are our equally targeted goals. Product and productivity should never compromise the safety and protection of the environment. 


Facilities and production
We always pay particular attention to the safety and protection of people and environment in our production process.



We continually expand our knowledge concerning the environmental impact of materials and newly developed products and insure we meet the given regulations.


Product development and manufacturing process
We develop our new products already in the early stages of design and testing to incorporate the properties needed for the continued protection of people and the environment.


We reduce the impact on the environment through our sparingly use of raw materials and energy.


We make every effort to prevent waste from the material cycle and non-recyclable materials are disposed of according to strict guidelines.


Wastewater is cleaned through the newest technical solutions available however we try to prevent the burden and volume of wastewater.

Exhaust air
We insure that our manufacturing process works with the minimal exhausted air pollutants. The exhausted air is cleaned through the newest technical solutions available.

To protect our employees and neighbours we seek out and remove the sources of noise pollution.


It is our own responsibility to control and monitor our facilities and production, such as water, waste and noise.


For us, environment protection is the adherence to the environmental regulations. Furthermore we proactively drive the environmental protection concept of each individual with the aim of continual improvement. 


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